FCC Program Will Expand Broadband Access Across New Hampshire

Over 13,000 residents and businesses across New Hampshire will get broadband service for the first time as part of an FCC program to expand access across the country.

The FCC, through its Connect America Fund, is giving more than $4 million to Fairpoint Communications to expand broadband to rural areas in every New Hampshire county. Fairpoint will also kick in some money for the project, though the exact amount has yet to be determined.

Coos County stands to gain the most, with more than $1 million allocated to expand broadband there. Fairpoint will also have thousands of new customers each in Grafton, Cheshire and Carroll counties.

Read the entire article by Jacob Carozza, or listen to the broadcast on New Hampshire Public Radio at http://nhpr.org/post/fcc-program-will-expand-broadband-access-across-new-hampshire

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