What’s exciting about teaching and learning?

The National Science Foundation is an organization that supports learning in a wide range of areas. NSF is tapping into our robust student and teacher community, and give everyone a chance to share our excitement for learning.

They would like you to participate in our back-to-school campaign over the next two weeks (August 26-Sept. 11).
If you are a teacher, tell us: What are you excited to teach this year?

If you’re a student: What are you most excited to learn this year?

Share your message on Twitter and Facebook with #iwanttolearn or #iwanttoteach. We will monitor those hashtags and share posts on our own Twitter and Facebook as much as possible.

We’ll also be sharing back-to-school stories on our Tumblr blog, our Pinterest page and on NSF.gov.

We’re partnering with AAAS and Einstein fellows, the Presidential Awardees for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, and other NSF-funded teachers and students to share stories of teaching and learning. We encourage you to stay tuned to NSF.gov to follow the campaign.

Back-to-school is a time of great excitement about learning. Let’s give teachers and students a voice to tell us what they really want to teach and be taught.

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