National Digital Learning Day 2016 Results

Thank you so much for all of your support for Digital Learning Day 2016!!  NH schools and educators joined their voice to the national voice for improved and increased digital learning!


We could not have reached as many teachers, librarians, after school programs, and most importantly, students without all of your hard work and support. The Digital Learning Day team at the Alliance for Excellent Education wants to share highlights of the day to illustrate some of the amazing things that you all made possible.

  • Over 2,300 registered events across the country! Including:
    • Over 1,500 classroom activities
    • 140 districtwide celebrations
    • 286 schoolwide celebrations
    • 133 library or afterschool events
  • All 50 states plus DC were represented
  • DLDay was celebrated in 15 countries spread across every continent!! (minus Antarctica lol)
  • Hundreds of thousands of students were able to participate in at least one DLDay event!
  • North Carolina won our state competition (facilitated by SETDA) with almost 300 events registered
  • Almost 20,000 uses of #DLDay on Digital Learning Day
  • 48 million total potential impressions for #DLDay

Last Wednesday’s turnout is truly reflective of the amazing partners that we work with.  It was such a wonderful day of events especially the Digital Learning Day Live! digital equity series and the high volume of participation on Twitter (check out @OfficialDLDay and #DLDay). We will be working on confirming the date for Digital Learning Day 2017 soon, and are looking forward to partnering with all of you again!

The Digital Learning Day Team wishes you all the best and is looking forward to our increased participation in 2017!


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