Fiber Upgrade Consulting Program Offered Through the NH School Connectivity Initiative Partnership with EducationSuperHighway

nhsci-logo1The newly formed New Hampshire School Connectivity Initiative (NHSCI) represents collaboration between New Hampshire Department of Education, the New Hampshire Department of Information Technology, the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development, and the University of New Hampshire with the goal of increasing broadband connectivity to our New Hampshire schools.

In order to meet those K-12 connectivity goals and ensure that all New Hampshire public school students have the opportunity to engage in digital learning, NHSCI has partnered with the non-profit, EducationSuperHighway, to help facilitate statewide K-12 fiber network discussions with school districts, service providers, and partner organizations; to maximize discounted communication services provided to schools and libraries across the state through E-Rate funding; and to continue efforts to analyze and strengthen a comprehensive K-12 connectivity report of New Hampshire schools.

The recent data collection completed by UNH and the Telecommunications Advisory Board (TAB) indicates that many New Hampshire schools would benefit from the free fiber consulting services offered through our partnership with EducationSuperHighway.  EducationSuperHighway will provide a team of four expert consultants (network, procurement, project management) to work with each interested school district to support the entire upgrade process, including:

  • Providing research on potential service providers and service options
  • Proposing solution recommendations
  • Supporting your RFP process
  • Conducting outreach to a broad network of competitive providers
  • Providing tips for negotiating with providers
  • Checking back in with your district during the implementation process

To learn more about this free program and next steps, you are welcome to attend our upcoming informational webinar on Tuesday, April 12 at 1:00 PM.   Please register to attend this webinar at:

To learn more at our new NHSCI, visit our informational page on at

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