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header_logoEducators in competency-based schools have raised an important issue –  how to cover grade-level standards while meeting kids where they are in their learning, particularly when a student’s performance is well below grade level. Chris Sturgis shares take-aways on this topic of meeting students where they are and addressing grade-level standards in a two-part blog series: Accountability Paradox and Academic Domains. Do you know about a school that has developed strategies for meeting kids where they are? Does your district or school have effective practices to help kids build pre-requisite skills and grade-level standards? If so, please let us know.
CompetencyWorks incorporates a multitude of guest authors sharing lessons learned and a variety of perspectives. Here are must-read blogs by some of our guest authors:

  1. Building a Movement from Within by Patrice Glancey
  2. Learner-Centered Tip of the Week: Refurbishing for Personalized Learning by Courtney Belolan
  3. How I Learned What Proficiency-Based Teaching and Learning Really Means by Kate Gardoqui
  4. How Might We Ensure Quality and Value Across a Larger Landscape of Learning? by Colleen Broderick
  5. The Personalized Learning Mindset by Anthony Kim
  6. An Opportunity in ESSA for Performance Assessment Literacy and Teacher Leadership by Laurie Gagnon
  7. Communicating with Parents on the Transition to Competency Education by Brian Stack
  8. Classroom Instruction of Skills and Dispositions by Jonathan Vander Els, Jill Lizier and Terry Bolduc

We value blogs grounded in educator, practitioner and leader experiences in personalized, competency-based districts, schools and programs. Are you interested in becoming a guest blogger on CompetencyWorks? Share your voice and thought leadership by emailing Chris Sturgis at
Susan Patrick, iNACOL
Natalie Abel, iNACOL

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