iNACOL Issues Policy Brief on K-12 Competency-Based Education


Today, iNACOL released a new issue brief on State Policy & K-12 Competency-Based Education, which provides an overview of competency-based education, state policy recommendations and resources for policymakers who are ready to enable and support competency education.

Competency-based education is a next generation learning model that focuses on all students achieving mastery, preparing them for success in college, careers and civic life. State leaders can support policy for K-12 competency-based education to help all students succeed.

Fully-developed, student-centered systems require significant shifts in policy and practice. What can policymakers do to encourage a shift to K-12 competency education? No matter where a state is starting from, there are different entry points policymakers can take to enable and support competency-based systems.

Download this iNACOL Issue Brief for an overview of competency education, state policy recommendations, and resources for K-12 competency education.

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