It’s National SpeakUp Week! Don’t miss the Opportunity to SpeakUp!

logo_clearbackgroundIt’s National SpeakUp Week!  Don’t miss the opportunity to SpeakUp!

If you missed the webinar for NH on December 6 by Project Tomorrow leader, Julie Evans, here is the link to the recording:

The surveys are open through January 19, 2018, so there is still time to collect valuable data about your school community.  In the webinar, Julie explains how the data collected through the SpeakUp survey is owned by your district and will be returned to your district in February.  The survey, along with the data collected, can be used as a needs assessment for your schools and can be instrumental in developing and planning for school programs, professional development opportunities, and additional school initiatives, like making your schools future ready.  It’s budget season, and soon applications for ESSA grant funds will be due.  Data is a great way to justify needs.

The SpeakUp survey is a free and powerful resource that your district can use and make part of your annual district-wide initiatives.

For more information, visit, or our NH page at

Webinar on YouTube at

It’s SpeakUp Week!  Don’t miss the opportunity to SpeakUp!

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