Ten Things Everyone Should Know about K-12 Students’ Digital Learning, 2018

Students Speak Up on Technology & Learning


#1 It’s not just about engagement
Sure, digital learning may be engaging but middle school students say the real benefits are getting better grades (54%), learning at their own pace (53%) and developing creativity skills (50%).

#2 Personalizing learning their way – with a personal smartphone

No surprise: 91% of high school students have a smartphone.

News flash: #1 mobile device that high school students use in class for schoolwork – their own smartphone (58%).

New trend: Chromebook use in high school increased 3 times from 2014 to 2017.

#3 Print vs. Pixel Preferences
77% of high school students say they prefer to read a printed book or article. But 66% of students in K-2 classes say reading is best for them on a screen – even more fun with audio and lots of interactivity!

#4 Make me a Math Whiz!
Elementary students say doing math problems with a friend and playing online math games are the best ways for them to develop into stronger math skills. Goodbye worksheets, hello games!

#5 Put on that VR headset!
Get ready for virtual reality in school – 41% of middle school students say VR is a must in their ultimate school of the future!

#6 My school is called “YouTube”
Three-quarters (77%) of grade 6-8 students and 90% of grade 9-12 students say that they regularly find and watch online videos to learn how to do something when they are at home.

Over 1/3 also say that they learn more from watching a video than reading a book.

#7 Media literacy skills for all!
Echoing librarians’ call for media literacy skill development, only 42% of students say they know how to detect bias or opinion in what they read online, and only 38% say they know how to evaluate its accuracy.

#8 Creating good digital citizens
Good news: students report they are getting instruction in how to be safe online. But who has the greatest influence on developing good online behaviors?

High school students say mom and dad are #1 – followed by students teaching themselves.

#9 Using technology to develop workplace skills
Students get it: learning how to use technology effectively is an important workplace skill (42% of grade 6-12 students). But students say too many rules prevent tech use at school.

Maybe that is why 51% of students say they use technology more for learning outside of school than in school.

#10 Time for students to Speak Up!
Only 1/3 of high school students in urban, rural and suburban communities say their principal or teachers are interested in their ideas about how to improve school – isn’t it time for students to speak up and adults to listen?

Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning, 2017 Findings – the results of the authentic, unfiltered views of 340,927 K-12 students from around the world. Speak Up is an annual research initiative of Project Tomorrow, a global nonprofit organization. Learn more about Speak Up and other research findings from Project Tomorrow at tomorrow.org.


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