#SpeakUp Offers New Tools and Prizes


There are More Reasons To SpeakUp New Hampshire

Speak Up provides an easy way for students, parents and educators to participate in your local decisions about technology, as well as contribute to the state and national dialogue about digital learning through a free data collection process for your school or district.

Have your voice heard! Share your thoughts on technology and learning and be part of the conversation (at the local and national level)!

District/School registration for Speak Up 2018-19 is ongoing! Get started now!

Surveys are open for participation from October 15 through January 31, 2019.

Mobile Learning Impact Snapshot Tool

This new Snapshot is a research-based tool designed to help school leaders get beyond just “student engagement” as a level of success (or failure) of their mobile learning initiatives. Increasingly, administrators, technology leaders and school board members are being asked to determine the ROI (return on investment) of school technology, to make the case to their communities that these technology investments are worth the expense, the professional development and the growing pains. Additionally, with the increasing concern of parents about too much screen time for their children, the impetus for schools and districts to present a case for why mobile learning is important is more critical than ever before.

Despite the growth in technology in schools, we know that relatively few schools or districts have conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of all of these mobile devices in the classroom because of cost and capacity.

Our goal with the new Mobile Learning Impact Snapshot is to democratize mobile learning evaluation. Via this tool, we are providing every school or district with an easy and cost effective (free!) way to assess the impact of their mobile learning project.

Teacher Professional Learning Snapshot Tool

School and district leaders tell Project Tomorrow that the professional learning insights they gain from their teachers is among the top five benefits they receive by participating in the Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning. This year, we’ve created a Teacher Professional Learning Snapshot tool for those schools or districts who want to dig a little deeper into this topic with their teachers.

District or school leaders should register to use the Teacher Professional Learning Snapshot to:

  • learn what your teachers need and want for professional development,
    gain comparative state and or national data to use as benchmarks for your school or district data, show your teachers you value their input into their own professional
  • learning and create a high impact professional development plan for your school or district.

The annual Speak Up surveys always include questions about professional learning and development for teachers, but this Snapshot – which can be a stand-alone tool or used along with the annual Speak Up tools – digs deeper into what is needed and where professional learning is most effective.

Prizes for Speak Up participants!

Thanks to our state and national Speak Up partners, we can again offer some wonderful prizes – including conference registrations, memberships and professional development – to the educators participating in Speak Up!

Once administrators, teachers, librarians and tech leaders complete their Speak Up surveys this year, they will have the option to complete an entry form and select the prizes they hope to win. These forms are separate from the Speak Up surveys to maintain anonymity of Speak Up responses.

We will announce the first round of winning educators during Speak Up America (week of Dec. 10), and the final round during Speak Up Appreciation Week (week of Jan. 7).

Thanks to AASA, AASL, CETPA, CoSN, CUE, ICE-IN, iNACOL, MassCUE, METC, NCCE, NCEA, NETA and TCEA for your generous offers!

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