Speak Up 2019-2020 Registration Now Open!

logo_clearbackgroundWelcome back to school! We hope you had a wonderful summer! The Speak Up Team is busy preparing for this year’s online data collection process and we’re sure you are as well. As you settle into the school year, get a head start on Speak Up 2019-20 with registration, plan to attend in person or virtually our October 23, 2019 Congressional Briefing, and sign up to attend one of our upcoming webinars – keep reading to learn more.

Speak Up 2019-2020 Registration Now open!

It’s time to register your school or district to participate in Speak Up 2019-20. There’s lots of benefits to registering your school or district with a primary contact, learn all about it and our special new offerings for registered contacts on our registration page.

Already a contact? Welcome back, we look forward to working with you again this year. As a reminder, all existing contacts are required to update their organization profile each year. This year we’ve launched a brand-new administrative profile platform to help you manage your Speak Up experience. New features include:

▪ Profile Dashboard with a quick view of survey counts and Speak Up Updates
▪ Easy to follow getting started checklists
▪ New customizable survey settings
▪ New survey access links and landing pages

Log in to your admin profile now to check it out or watch this quick video about all the new changes!

Speak Up will be open for input September 25, 2019 through June 30, 2020!

To learn more about registration, click on the button below or schedule a quick introductory call with the Speak Up team!

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