It’s Time for New Hampshire to Speak Up!

Participate in Speak Up and learn what K-12 students, educators, and parents have to say about educational uses of technology in your schools and home!

Get an overview on our Speak Up Research Initiative and how your school and district can get involved.

SpeakUp Sample Timeline

SpeakUp Promotional Materials

In this video, you’ll hear creator and lead researcher Dr. Julie A. Evans help you understand the methodology Speak Up uses.  You will also learn why it is vital for you to collect this data from your stakeholders and how you can translate it into actionable knowledge.   Julie will give you all the basics about Speak Up and how to use it successfully in your school and district.

All your SpeakUp data is confidential and will be given back to your district.  Your data can be useful for:

  • Technology planning and budgeting justification
  • Professional development justification.
  • Supporting district initiatives and strategic design and planning.
  • Supporting and giving students a voice.
  • Supporting and giving community members a voice.
  • Understanding perspectives and points of view.
  • Determining alignments and disconnects in teaching and learning.

Visit our New Hampshire page at

In 2017, Dr. Julie Evans gave a special presentation for NH schools and districts.  Watch it at

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