How to Host Virtual Commencement Ceremonies for the Class of 2020

online-course-icon-55For those schools wondering about how to plan and implement Virtual Commencement Exercises, here are a few articles that you might find helpful with this process. Ghee are lots of ways to do it, and make it special for graduating senior, the school community, parents, relatives, and friends.  Districts might want to think about really doing a nice virtual celebration, to honor the Class of 2020!  It could really be an awesome experience with a recording that you’ll watch again and again!

Don’t Cancel It: How to Hold a “Virtual Graduation Ceremony”

Don’t Cancel Commencement

How to Plan and Execute a Virtual Graduation Experience that Truly Honors Seniors

[How-To Guide] Planning for a Virtual Graduation

How to Hold a Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Image courtesy of Get Drawings.

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