Guidance and Resources for Back to School Planning

Below are a few resources that will be useful for educators and school leaders to use in order to develop and implement effective plans and strategies for returning to school in the fall.

New Hampshire Back to School Guidance

This document is intended to provide guidance for local officials for the planned physical reopening of New Hampshire’s K–12schools. This guide is not a “one-size-fits-all” document. Rather, it recognizes the varied local contexts of each school district and acknowledges that many districts may develop their own operational guidelines utilizing this document as their base of minimum requirements.

Back to School Plan Rubric

This rubric exists in the public domain as a living document to help schools and districts self assess their plans and readiness for remote learning and returning back to school for the 2020-21 school year.

Back to School Readiness Guide

Resources and tools to help schools and districts evaluate their readiness to return to school in the fall.

SETDA eLearning Coalition

The SETDA Coalition for eLearning focuses state leaders, affiliates, and partners in collective action around teaching and learning in the digital age. This portal, and the associated edWeb community and series of webinars, are an ever-evolving compilation of rapidly developing resources around eLearning for state education agencies and school districts.                 

NH Learns Alliance

The NH Learns Alliance, while an immediate response to providing necessary support to our coalition constituents during the COVID-19 crisis, is intended to live beyond the crisis to continue to provide vetted resources for the NH education community. The Alliance includes leadership from NHSAA, NHSLMA, NHTI, NHASP, NHSTE, NHCTO, NHASCD, CAST, NHDoE, NEA-NH, NCDE, NHASEA, NHSBA, and VLACS and is intended to support the efforts of the New Hampshire educational community.

NEA-New Hampshire’s Principles For Reopening

This document reflects NEA-New Hampshire’s values regarding the safe reopening of our schools. Individual locals reserve the right to add to, delete from and further modify the steps outlined in the document. To the extent this document conflicts with any local collective bargaining agreement, the local collective bargaining agreement controls.

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