Digital Learning Day is Coming on February 25th

Digital Learning Day Turns 10 this year!

With less than a month before the big national celebration on February 25, help us spread the word and plan some activities within your schools to highlight the teachers and principals who are doing amazing things in this unprecedented time! New Hampshire educators, please add your voice, expertise, and passion to DLDay 2021 – Participation is EASY and FREE.

  1. Join the network by creating a profile for yourself and/or organization. This should take less than 3 minutes and you will be provided with relevant, ongoing opportunities to share and learn from this innovative group of passionate educators.
  2. Add your favorite resources to our digital learning notebook. These can be instructional tools, new approaches, lesson plans or tips and tricks that you’ve learned along the way.
  3. Plan an in person or virtual activity to celebrate DLDay with your students, or other teachers, on February 25, 2021, and share in the digital network.
  4. Help spread the word about the network! We have an ambitious goal of recruiting 5,000 educators to join the FRS DLDay network. We know we can accomplish this with your help!

After a decade, these messages are more poignant than ever before as teachers across this country are persevering and heroically meeting the diverse mental, physical and learning needs of their students on and off campus.

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