Public Comment sought on Refresh of Digital Literacy Standards (Ed 306.42)

Last year, a committee worked on drafting possible language for an update of our current ICT Literacy Standards, which were last adopted in 2005. These program standards are in need of refresh for several reasons.

  1. They are old, last updated in 2005, and need new a refreshed focus which parallel the ISTE Standards for Students.
  2. The legislature changed the name of ICT Literacy to Digital Literacy when they also added Computer Science as a content area in 193-E:2-a (j).
  3. Some of the stuff in the old standards really now should belong in the computer science program standards, Ed 306.44, which are also currently under development. This updated draft removes overlapped material and adds previously lacking, but more relevant, language around information evaluation, cybersecurity, and digital citizenship.

You can see the updated version of the standards, in markup for comparison to the 2005 version here,

Please use this form to provide your public comment on this draft version of Ed 306.42:

Once the public has had time to comment. The committee will use the comments to make any final changes to the draft. The final draft will be submitted to the Professional Standards Board for consideration. The Professional Standards Board would then have the opportunity to make any changes before recommending them to the State Board of Education for adoption.

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