Nominate NH Teachers to Participate in Ed Games Expo Panel

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology (OET) is seeking K-12 teachers to share their experiences with remote learning on a virtual panel as part of the 2021 ED Games Expo.

Candidates should represent the diversity of America’s teachers in terms of their: (1) identities, (2) geographic location, (3) grade level and subject taught, and (4) technical expertise. This event is meant to elevate the real experiences of U.S. teachers from the past year, not simply spotlight those who were best positioned to engage in remote learning.

Please feel free to identify and nominate qualified teachers as possible panelists. OET will select roughly five teachers from the nominations received to ensure that the panel is representative of the range of experiences and identities of teachers across the nation.

OET hopes to have panelists identified no later than Wednesday May 5th to ensure plenty of time to prepare panelists, record, edit, and finalize the event before it’s launch on June 2nd.

The event will be pre-recorded over the coming weeks, and is set to go live to a national audience on Wednesday, June 2 at 8:00pm. OET seeks to recruit panelists that represent the diversity of U.S. teachers and their experiences over the past year. If you have teachers in mind, please forward their contact information as well as a brief description of the subject(s) and grade level(s) they teach, as well as the school or school district in which they work, to Michael Ham in OET at

Let’s get one of our New Hampshire Educators some recognition. Please consider nominating a teacher to be part of this panel.

Learn more –>

ED Games Expo 2021

US Office of Educational Technology

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