Use the Speak Up surveys to learn about the views of your stakeholders now

You can use the Speak Up surveys for your end-of-year data collection to understand how your students feel about virtual learning, what your teachers need for PD, and what your parents say are their biggest worries about their child’s future (and more!).

Look at the SpeakUp Survey questions here to see how this critical information can inform your plans.
Reminders about Speak Up:
• Speak Up survey questions developed to provide you with valid data that you can trust
• Surveys available for different audiences – you choose whatever audience you want to poll
o K-12 students (in English and Spanish!)
o Teachers
o Parents (in English and Spanish!)
o School Site Administrators
o District Administrators
o Technology Leaders

• Lessons plans available for teachers to use with the student surveys
• Promotional materials provided by Project Tomorrow to help you with outreach
• We will provide you with 100% of your locally collected data with comparative state and national data
• There is no cost to participate in Speak Up or to receive the data reports
• Surveys are open for your use until August 15

Contact Pilar Comparan to get started today with your Speak Up surveys!

Register Your School or District now!

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