Future Genius Summer STEM for Middle Schools

Future Genius will be working with school administrators and teachers to elevate social and emotional learning at middle schools around the country with four diverse summer programs for schools to license:

  • Beta Masters (Video Game Design)
  • Earth Lab (Energy & Environment)
  • Launch Pad (Business & Innovation)
  • Team Elektra (Digital Media for Girls)

All are supportive learning environments flexible enough to accommodate any challenges districts may face in these unique times.

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards Initiative in both Mathematics and English Language Arts, as well as the ISTE Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards, Future Genius enrichment programs provide middle school students with a well-rounded education like no other—summer experiences designed to boost academic achievement, foster social and emotional well-being, and kickstart civic engagement in 21st century sustainability. With a focus on personal development, Future Genius builds confidence and initiates exciting ideas for making a difference.

For middle school educators, Future Genius is an extraordinarily fun program to teach and a unique opportunity for professional development. What’s more, minimal experience is required. Our training resources ensure that Future Genius instructors deliver powerful enrichment to students ready to make a meaningful impact in their community.

You can also learn more at https://www.futuregenius.org/. If you are interested in reviewing overviews of any of our curricula, please contact:
Thomas Bacon
Executive Director
Future Genius, Inc.
c 802-999-7092

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