OPEN NH Summer 2015 Session

  Summer 2015 Session Online Course Session Dates: July 8 – August 25

Register for courses early and save $10.00. Early Bird Special offer ends on June 23, 2015.

Update:  Tuesday, July 9, 12:00 PM  Registration open now!

Register for Summer 2015 Now!

The following courses are  Scheduled to RUN:

BP-04 Using Differentiated Instruction Effectively in the Classroom
BP-11 Writing Effective Proposals for Successful Grant Funding
BP-14 Universal Design: Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century
CE-11 Using Digital Tools to Engage Students and Personalize Learning
HE-03 Addressing Student Concussions and Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries at School
IE-06 Designing Blended Learning

The following courses are on the WATCH LIST and may be cancelled due to limited registrations.

All courses are either running or cancelled at this point.

The following courses have been CANCELLED due to the lack of registration:

BP-12 Creating a Successful Response to Intervention Plan
CE-07 The NH Bullying Law: Policies and Procedures that Promote Positive School Climates
EC-01 Creating a Language Rich Environment
IE-05 Inquiry in the Science Classroom

8 Responses to OPEN NH Summer 2015 Session

  1. Marilyn Knapp says:

    How do we look at what the course is about, that is, what the curriculum is?

  2. Katie says:

    Do we have to be available at specific times or is it flexible when we work through the online components?

    • Stan Freeda says:

      The courses are asynchronous, so you do not have to be available at any specific time. However, the units (weeks) are synchronous, so you do have to be participating in the unit during the week the unit is running, and move to the next unit on the following week. Our Units run from Wednesday through Tuesday, which puts the weekend in the middle. It is not a bad idea to set aside 4-6 hours each week your participation time. But those hours could be at your own convenience according to your schedule.

  3. Heather Wright says:

    I am interested in taking English classes for 5 – 12 certification. What classes do you offer for this?

  4. Stan Freeda says:

    If you look on the Facilitated course page on the website at, you can see all the courses we offer under Literacy and Language Arts. We do develop new courses from time to time as we find a need or have demand for them. There are currently no new courses in development in those areas.

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