OPEN NH Spring 2019 Session

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seasonal graphic Spring 2019 Session
Online Course Session Dates: April 10 – May 28

Updated:  Tuesday, April 9, 2019  11:00 AM   !Registration is open!

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Additional information:

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Session Course Status
The following courses are  Scheduled to RUN:

BP-08 Using Reflective Writing to Develop Metacognition in the Classroom
BP-12 Creating a Successful Response to Intervention Plan
BP-14 Universal Design: Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century
BP-17 Moving to Competency Based Teaching and Learning
CE-02 Engaging K-12 Students with Digital Portfolios
CE-11 Using Digital Tools to Engage Students and Personalize Learning

The following courses are on the WATCH LIST and may be cancelled due to limited registrations.

No courses are currently on Watch.

The following courses have been CANCELLED due to the lack of registration:

CE-03 Aligning Curriculum with Standards and Learning Expectations
SE-04 Parental Involvement Strategies to Enhance Student Achievement


Payment Instructions
At the end of the registration process, you will be asked if you would like to pay by Credit Card, Check, or Purchase Order.

  • If paying by Credit Card, you can submit your Credit Card information in a secure online environment.
  • If paying by Check or Purchase Order, you will be asked to mail in the Check or Purchase Order to the OPEN NH Project Coordinator.

Please make checks payable to:   Treasurer, State of New Hampshire

and include Dept of Education, e-Learning/OPEN NH on the check memo or Purchase Order.
Please include your name, phone number, and email address as they appear on the RegOnline registration.

Mail check to:
Stan Freeda, OPEN NH Project Coordinator
NH Department of Education
101 Pleasant Street Concord, NH   03301


Our Online Course Model
We use a 7 week discussion based model for our courses, which begins with a one-week orientation unit followed by 6 weeks of content. The course content is entirely online, and you do not need to purchase additional materials. Each unit consists of readings, web-based reference materials and activities, and participation in online discussions. An authentic course project is developed throughout the 7 weeks of the course which you can use in your classroom or school. You should plan to schedule approximately 4-5 hours each week to commit to course participation. Following successful completion of the course, you will earn a Certificate of Completion for 35 contact hours of professional development.


OPEN NH Orientation
We invite all those who register for an OPEN NH course, as well as anyone interested in learning more about our program, to visit our OPEN NH website. If you want to learn about our online course model and orient yourself to the program, visit the freely accessible tutorial, Being Successful with Online Learning, available on the OPEN NH course site.


Drop/Add Cancellation Policies
You can cancel your registration or drop a course up to 6 days after the course session begins, which would be day 6 of the Orientation Unit. A $10 processing fee will be charged for refunding cancellations and drops. If your course is cancelled due to low enrollments, you will not be charged the processing fee. Instead, you will be offered an opportunity to apply your registration to a different course in the same session or your payment will be refunded in full. We cannot accept cancellations or drops after that date and no refunds will be issued after the drop date. You must contact the OPEN NH Project Coordinator within the drop period in order to officially cancel or drop a course and qualify for refund.You can add a course until the beginning of the second unit, one week after the course start date. We can register you with the understanding that you will make up the orientation work as determined by the course instructor. We cannot add you into a course after the second week of the session. You must contact the OPEN NH Project Coordinator to add a course after the session start date.


10 Responses to OPEN NH Spring 2019 Session

  1. Marilyn Knapp says:

    How do we look at what the course is about, that is, what the curriculum is?

  2. Katie says:

    Do we have to be available at specific times or is it flexible when we work through the online components?

    • Stan Freeda says:

      The courses are asynchronous, so you do not have to be available at any specific time. However, the units (weeks) are synchronous, so you do have to be participating in the unit during the week the unit is running, and move to the next unit on the following week. Our Units run from Wednesday through Tuesday, which puts the weekend in the middle. It is not a bad idea to set aside 4-6 hours each week your participation time. But those hours could be at your own convenience according to your schedule.

  3. Heather Wright says:

    I am interested in taking English classes for 5 – 12 certification. What classes do you offer for this?

  4. Stan Freeda says:

    If you look on the Facilitated course page on the website at, you can see all the courses we offer under Literacy and Language Arts. We do develop new courses from time to time as we find a need or have demand for them. There are currently no new courses in development in those areas.

  5. Stan, I am not seeing the syllabus for LT10 on the website. Is it available yet? Thanks

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