Tomorrow is Digital Learning Day

In addition to your own Digital Learning Day event, we hope you join our free virtual conference that includes:

  • Lesson plans and games you can use in the classroom
  • Live webcasts from the Library of Congress
  • Live chats throughout the day with field experts and policymakers
  • Three student debates on very interesting topics
  • Interactive polls for viewers to provide feedback during the live event
  • Informational videos to be viewed on demand
  • Virtual trade show and live demonstrations
  • Connections to more than 30,000 teachers and educators nationwide

Register today! and stay comfy in the storm with digital learning!

Take this image and use it as your avatar on your social media sites in support of Digital Learning Day tomorrow.  If we have the snow storm that is coming our way, we may all be learning digitally tomorrow!

Digital Learning Day icon

Digital Learning Day is February 5, 2014

If you haven’t done so yet, please
Take the Pledge to Make a Difference
It takes less than 30 seconds to show your support. You can lead a groundswell of Digital LEarning Day Activities in your local schools and districts.

Take the PledgeHappy Digital Learning Day!

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3 Responses to Tomorrow is Digital Learning Day

  1. Looks like it will snow here in New Hampshire tomorrow and possibly result in no school? Can we as New Hampshire educators plan a Snow Make-up Day in case? I have a teacher here in my district wondering what to do.

  2. Stan Freeda says:

    I know. In NH, we may have a “Virtual Digital Learning Day” tomorrow. Let’s all try to keep our plans for the day and carry them out when it is safe and everyone is back in school. We can all try to make as many of our days digital learning days as we can throughout the school year. Stay safe and warm everyone!

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