Help Pittsfield School District win a $100,000 Grant from Nellie Mae Education Foundation

The Pittsfield School Board is one of six regional nominees for the Larry O’Toole Award, given by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation for a person or persons working to promote student centered learning practices in education.

Voting is now open online for the O’Toole Award:

Winner Receives A $100,000 Grant!

The Pittsfield School Board, an elected body, provides citizen-leadership for learning in Pittsfield, New Hampshire – a town of 4,300.  Through collaboration with students, faculty and staff, and community, the School Board has been instrumental in helping to personalize student learning while increasing achievement.

The School Board has guided the district’s shift to a student-centered system. In the Pittsfield School District, student voice is amplified through a range of practices, including personal learning plans for each student, student-led conferences, a competency-based curriculum, extended learning opportunities, dual enrollment, online learning, and Pittsfield’s site council, a student-majority school governing body.

The school district has reorganized itself into teams and reorganized schedules to allocate weekly time for professional development to provide a consistent focus on student-centered priorities, including student advisory development, inquiry-based learning strategies, student engagement, and data driven dialogues.

The School Board counts on community members as full partners in our school’s transformation, benefiting from active participation in real decision-making through community forums, role analysis and redefinition, and long-term planning through our continuous improvement team and long-term school development planning team.

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