Pre-Apply for Scholoarship to Attend CSPd Week July 18 – 22, 2016


Join the CSPd Community in celebrating CSPd Week July 18 – 22, 2016

There are thousands of educators teaching Computer Science across the country: teachers in large urban districts, small rural ones, cohorts of CS teachers and lone-wolf educators working on their own. We are all part of the CS Educator Community.

CSPdWeek is for every teacher, regardless of where they teach, what program they teach or how well-funded their district is.

CSPdWeek is sponsored by the Infosys Foundation, with support from the National Science Foundation, the National Center for Women & IT and the Computer Science Teachers Association.

Thanks to their generous support, we are pleased to offer full-scholarships to teachers and counselors who participate. This includes travel, dorm room accommodations, food, training, materials and a stipend for those who attend.

Our commitment to equity includes ensuring that teachers and students who are underrepresented in CS have access to meaningful learning opportunities. As such, we encourage teachers and counselors of color, and those serving students in rural districts, American Indian students, students with disabilities, low-income students, students of color, LGTBQ, and other underrepresented groups.

5 Days    4 Programs     1 Community

5 Days : July 18 – 22, 2016

4 Programs

CS:Principles (CSP)   New AP course offered by the College Board presents an inclusive introduction to AP Computer Science. (5-day workshop)

Bootstrap   A series of computing curricula that can be integrated into mainstream math class or standalone CS classes. (5-day workshop)

Exploring Computer Science (ECS)  Year-long course broadens participation of under-represented young people in computer science. (5-day workshop)

Counselors for Computing   NCWIT professional development track for empowering school counselors and advisors with new tools and resources. (1-day workshop)

1 Community : Learn more and Pre-Apply to attend at

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