Please Send Your Support for High Speed Bandwidth

Many of you have benefited from prior Digital Wish efforts. : )

The lack of high speed bandwidth in part of New Hampshire has become VERY obvious and an enormous obstacle to the remote learning effort that has been requested by the Commissioner and Governor.

Digital Wish is trying to get $2B in education technology funding added to the next COVID-19 Relief bill.  New England ISTE is working with ISTE’s lobbyist in Washington.

Please review the information below and do whatever you can to support the $2 BILLION addition for education technology funding to the NEXT COVID-19 Relief Bill.  At the very least, complete the short survey and pass this email along.

We desperately need school data on the shortfalls of hotspots, connectivity, and 1:1 devices for distance learning. We’ve got 8 days to accrue data before the politicians come back to Washington. Mississippi, Florida and Kentucky are critical linchpin with politicians. We’re circulating an urgent call to all 50 states for schools and districts to share data through this survey.

Call for help:

1) Digital Wish’s plea letter is below. Can you circulate this plea for data to your educators? Feel free to edit.

2) Please refer me to anyone who can help.  Heather Chirtea,, 802-379-3000.

3) The “need” data will be shared at  over the coming days. You are welcome to use it.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Plea letter from Digital Wish

Hi There!

We need your immediate help to get distance learning technology into the next COVID-19 government relief package. We desperately need to collect data on the educational need for hotspots, home connectivity and 1:1 devices.

Here are two quick-and-easy ways to help: 

  1. Please fill out this 4-minute survey for your school or district.
  2. Circulate this email to every educator in neighboring districts, and ask them to take the survey.

Results will be posted at Digital Wish as soon as they become available.

We have to show the need for education technology or it will not be funded. Congress is already working on a fourth COVID-19 relief bill and we need to convince them to fund education technology so that all students can get connected online to continue learning this spring.

Decisions are happening fast. We only have a few days to collect this information.

Stay home, stay safe…and please help us help you!

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